About Us

Imexx Technologies, LLC., is the parent company of Shenzhen Xanji Electronics Co., LTD, a professional manufacturer of computer products for design, R&D and production, with products marketed worldwide. Our company is recognized for its outstanding quality and unique design.

Our guideline is "Quality Is Primary and Clients Are Foremost". Our lineup includes items such as computer mice, keyboards, power banks, network cables, earphones, speakers, and other USB products as our main products.

Shenzhen Xanji Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2013, located in Shenzhen City, People's Republic of China and with several factories locates in Shenzhen. The factories covers more than 25,000 square meters of manufacturing site.

We are engaged in the professional manufacturing of computer products, such as, computer mice, keyboards, power supplies, earphones, speakers, and other USB products as our main products

With over a total staff of 600 fully trained operators & a teamed professional management, 8 production lines, our monthly product capacity is over 250000 units. The lead time is about 15~25 days(depends on different items).



With 5 R&D engineers including ID, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, software engineer, we can create more than 10 new ideas and launch 2~5 new model each month to follow up the latest market trend.

3 High-speed SMT lines branded Yamaha Panasonic and 5 Middle-speed SMT lines

With over 30 employees in quality control we can assure you of much higher quality manufacture, moreover, our 1 year warranty policy eliminates the customer’s worries on the after-sell services.



Certification: ISO 9001:2000,CE, UL, FCC and RoHS approvals.