Opinion piece: The enveloping fever

Posted by Ziggy 21/07/2017 0 Comment(s)













Technology, ever present in our personal and professional lives, it surrounds us, but is it a fad, a trend or just a fever? is it fair to say that even technology will become obsolete? Look around you and see how dependent you really are. However, this is no reason to be upset, I truly believe technology as it exists right now, connecting our ideas and activities to the world around us is here to stay and furthermore we should be looking forward to what's next: self driving cars, smart homes, augmented reality. All these pieced together really make for a really cool concept of the world of tomorrow, I truly feel upset to think of these achievements as a fever or fad, instead, I would like to think humankind furthers it's own evolution at a new pace we now have control over.


We have never been further apart from our ancestors and the way they do things, these advancements that surrounds us and make our life easier and better are probably here to stay and we should be glad. Every tech company has the reponsability to their peers to continue, day after day, to further improve our kind and IMEXX is not except from this, everyday we change and strive to become better, we evolve.

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